Tips for Choosing and Buying Women’s Pajamas

Please, if you’re already a mom and still wearing those pair of pajamas you used to sleep in during your college days, it’s high time you took them off and threw them away. If you’re a sentimentalist, at least fold them up and keep them hidden in your closet where they will be comfortable with the rest of your memorabilia. If your pajamas look like it got dragged in by the cat, you seriously need to reconsider and get yourself a new pair. Here are some tips you can use when choosing and buying pajamas for women.

Unisex is fine, but…

If there’s one advantage women have over men in terms of sleepwear, it’s probably because we can pretty much wear anything, even pajamas worn by men. As long as they fit, we can get away with them. There’s nothing wrong about wearing men’s pajamas, as long as the fit is not too loose, but don’t feel obliged to use them too much. There are plenty more you can choose from.

Style and coverage

Pajamas often come in a set consisting of a top and a bottom which often match, or at least complement each other. The more traditional ones are those that are either short sleeved or long sleeved. These offer the most coverage and are a great choice for women who prefer to keep warm and prefer not to show a lot of skin. bamboo men’s pajamas 

For women who do like to show some skin, camisole pajamas are a great choice. These show more personality that the uniform-like regular pajamas and are often made with more luxurious fabric and material such as satin, silk and lace.

If you prefer sleeping in your old t-shirts or tank tops and could care less about pajama tops, choose pajama pants or bottoms. These are sold separately, allowing you to mix and match with anything you want from your wardrobe. You can even pair these pajama pants with some of your best lingerie.

If you like the type of women’s pajamas that go from bed to breakfast to living room to garden to everywhere else, choose the old favorite, lounging pants. They are so comfortable that women wear them all day. You might want to have a pair or two of your own so you can wear them on long weekends or on days when you’re not working and just feeling absolutely lazy. From sunrise to sunset, lounging pants are a great substitute for women’s pajamas.

As for color, there’s a wide array of hues and tints to choose from, so choose your favorite or go for the color you never used to wear. You can’t do wrong with the more traditional pinstripes or small dots but there are so many prints available that it’s almost a sin not to try some of them. Go cutesy or sexy or scary or just plain wacky. They are your pajamas so let your imagination soar.


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